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E Marketing Tanzania is the online directory website that deals with electronic articles about marketing here”>marketing resource portal.

The directory offer resources for 

  1. Internet marketing, other call it Online marketing, website marketing or SEO marketing,
  2. Email marketing,
  3. Interactive TV and
  4. Other digital marketing or Electronic Marketing

E Marketing Tanzania website is design with you in mind to enlighten you about all possible e marketing concepts, tools and how to carry on e articles about marketing here”>marketing in a vast competitive digital world full of technological inventions and innovations. The website will step by step take you through e articles about marketing here”>marketing evolution, practices, pro and cons, e markets environments, ethics and cross country laws, requirement for e marketing, e marketing strategy and planning, e marketing implementation, monitoring and reporting. The website will also reveal out to you secrets behind creating and managing a highly visited websites. It will help you to know how to research highly searched keywords, perform website audit using the ranking rules for popular and major search engines like Google, Yahoo and BING (MSN). You will also learn different online and standalone software tools for search engines optimization, their pro and cons and how to use them to achieve top 10 ranking in Google, Yahoo and Bing. apart from these tools, you will also learn the power of social media, ethical and quality link relationship building, directory listing, article syndication, free, open and commercial software provision in major download websites. You will learn from e marketing Tanzania website the effective use of YouTube to syndicate your favorite online video and movies. eCRM, Email Marketing and SMS marketing are some of more areas to dig and explore just for you to be updated on things that are going on around the world of electronic marketing technologies. Website are vulnerable to online terrorism. These are attacks made to compromise your website from operating or theft of vital information within your website. The attacks varies, some are brute force attack, website phishing, database injections. links spamming, online form email spamming etc. Therefore the security of your website is so vital than you always thought. Dynamic websites are more vulnerable than static websites because of back-end and database functionality. We will give you the good opportunity also to learn these secrets at a glance so that you will never be offline because of website security ignorance. Website monitoring, reporting and day to day SEO management is a BIG stake for your website if you want to continue selling from your website. Don’t ignore this, it will help you to stay on top of search engines at the same time be connected to your online markets and customers. The website will finally bring to your attention the basic steps and contents that made up a successful “e marketing plan”