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Tanzania Tourism Kilimanjaro MountainThe Integrated Tourism Master Plan comprises three volumes. Volume I contains the summary of findings and recommendations for action. Volume II evaluates the tourism resource base and considers the major policy issues. Volume III assesses the market potential and elaborates the detail of the Master Plan, including a schedule for implementation. Prepared in 1996 the… Continue reading

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  1. Introduction and Overview of Tourism Marketing
  2. Tourism Product and Design
  3. Tourism Information and Communication
  4. Developing a Tourism Marketing Plan
  5. Tourism Marketing Monitoring and Tracking
  6. Tourism Marketing Improvement and Redesign
  7. Going Global

Introduction and Overview of Tourism Marketing

I will try to address the five (5) pillars of tourism marketing which are

  1. Design,
  2. Communication,
  3. Planning,… Continue reading

Proof that Article Marketing Works

Advertising is one of the vital factors in order for your website to gain huge web traffic. From the colorful and blinking commercial banners posted in well-known sites up to the different freebies, advertising is considered to be a must to attract potential clients.

One of the popular… Continue reading

What to put in the Resource Box of your Article Marketing

Article marketing is really pumping its way up. Almost all of online entrepreneurs and webmasters are considering this option to get more traffic in their websites, and possibly getting from this traffic potential clients that they can deal with.

To get their… Continue reading

Article Marketing: How to Convert Readers of your Articles into Web Traffic

Writing articles are worth trying for. Many website administrators admit that article marketing is an effective way of advertising the stuffs that you want to sell online. By just writing something, you will be able to gain lot of visitors in your… Continue reading

Article Marketing Tips Guaranteed to Capture a Mass Audience

In the Wide World of the Web, it is quite a struggle for your web site to earn the recognition you strive to get. Sometimes even the simple thing of people being able to find you and get into your web site is a tough thing.… Continue reading

Finding Article Ideas through Article Marketing Tactics

Too often writers complain that they wanted to write something hot and something that will attract a wide number of readers. In fact hot and unique article topics with attention-grabbing titles is really needed if we would like internet users to read and digest what we write… Continue reading

Article Marketing: What to do and What NOT to do

Today, businesses are now turning to the internet to conduct their businesses. If you are planning to create your own online business, it is important that you be more competitive than you have been before.

Many online businesses have failed because… Continue reading

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